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The DISCovery Personality Test

This test is based on the highly successful DISC model of personality. Tests based on this model have been administered more than 100 million times throughout the world to help select and develop people.

The DISCovery Personality Test is a recruitment and selection tool that is accurate, valuable and easy to use.

Right Person for the Right Job… and Right Company!
It’s obviously an important decision – who you take on board. The DISCovery Personality Test will help you make a more accurate and informed decision.

Easy to administer and interpret
The DISCovery Personality Test has been created in response to a high demand by HR professionals and coaches. They all indicated that they wanted an accurate, reasonably priced, easy to administer test providing a succinct and to the point report.

DISC Model of Personality

We promise you that the facts you get will be as accurate as any test based on the DISC model of personality. Plus, we provide personal telephone and email client support.
(That is not only because we wish to provide a good service. It’s also because we have a vested interest in you using the DISCovery Test effectively.)


A very brief outline of the four traits measured:

D Dominance Describes the way people deal with problems, assert themselves and control situations.
I Influence Describes the way people deal with others, the way they communicate and relate to others.
S Steadiness Describes temperament – patience, persistence, and thoughtfulness.
C Compliance Describes how the test-takers approach and organise their activity, procedures and responsibilities.

Some people believe that using the DISC model to describe personality is an over-simplification. Before coming to such a conclusion consider this…
“there are only three primary colours and yet they allow us to produce every single colour, tone and hue in the world”.

Personality Tests are not a Substitute
Personality tests are not a substitute for personal judgement or responsibility! They should only be used in conjunction with conventional selection and interviewing techniques.

Email | +44 (0) 208 402 0122

Simply send us an email and we will set you up with your own test administration system. No hassle. It can all be done within a few hours.

The DISCovery Personality Test
Researched, created and validated by Psychological Research Foundation LLC.

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